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At Atomic, we believe there is a better way to do residential and commercial contracting. From laying tile, to painting, to everything in between, Atomic Contracting, LLC has the expertise and price point you've been searching for.

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Our job is to increase your enjoyment of your space. We accomplish this in partnership with you, by listening to what you need, implementing our solutions, all within your budget.

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Are you a rental property manager or business owner who knows exactly what you need? You're probably overpaying for your current service. Reach out for our rate sheet and price quote for your units.

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We modernize your space.
Helping you hit upgrade, renovation and maintenance deadlines within your budget while minimizing stress and worry.

Residental Services

We offer an extensive menu of home improvement services, from drywall and door repair to tile & grout repair, plus everything in between.

Rental & Commercial Services

Maintenance, minor repairs, and installations for your tile, countertops, vanities, ceiling fan, lighting fixtures, woodwork, to name a few.

Rental & Commercial Painting

With over 12 years of commercial, apartment and rental property painting experience, we are positive our quote is extremely competitive in comparison to your current vendors.

Residental Wall Treatments

We have over 10 years of residential painting experience, with meticulous attention to detail, including accent wall stenciling expertise.

Flooring Installation/Treatments

From tile to hardwood to laminate, we can install, repair or renew your flooring.

We're Handy People

Landscaping, safety and mobility installations, flooring installation, door installation, lighting and ceiling fan installation, minor plumbing projects and remodeling services, and everything in between, we ahve you covered.

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